Welcome to Bikram Yoga Naples!!

We are the only Hot yoga studio in Naples. We’re a thriving community of all ages, sizes, cultures and levels of understanding. Bikram Yoga is comprised of 26 beginning postures. These postures are done to your level of capability. Whatever it is in your life that is drawing you to Yoga, listen. All you have to do is be willing to show up and the benifits will unfold.

Bikram Yoga Naples emerged in November 2007 out of faith and determination. For Christmas 2013 we installed a brand new floor (more info in FAQ). We have a small store where you can find everything you need to practice Bikram Yoga. We also have a lending library where we share books and ideas. The locker rooms are fitted with multiple showers, bathrooms and even a few hair dryers for the ladies. Most emphatically you will find everything you need.